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Jessica Wirth has always loved baking but didn’t dive into it until lockdown took away all her other hobbies. Since creating Cookies By Jay in 2020 and moving the business to Pinebluff in 2021, Jessica has been busy with orders of everything from her PCS-inspired adult puns to cookies with cute(?) cat butts. She 3-D prints her own cookie cutters so you can come to her with all your crazy ideas.

Jessica Wirth, Owner of Cookies By Jay
Jessica Wirth

Jessica says the cookie recipe is very important because you want your cookie to taste good, not just look pretty. She won’t be spilling any of her personal recipe secrets; however, she did throw out a few tips for anyone who may want to try their hand at cookie decorating.

  • Frosting consistency is what will make or break you, play with that
  • You don’t ~need~ frosting tips 
  • Take your time, cookies are time consuming 
Valentines Day Cookies
Something different about Jessica’s cookies is that they have a textured back due to her baking method.

After Jessica is finished with the long decorating process of each cookie, she lets them dry overnight. She finishes by heat sealing each individual cookie so it stays fresh for weeks.

So who’s Jay? Well, Jessica says her business name was simple. Her family and friends called her “Jay” growing up as a nickname. She began her baking business on social media under that name and it stuck.

  • Custom Cat Butt Cookies
  • Custom Cookies
  • Custom Cookies
  • Want some? Jessica takes orders all year, not just holidays. She also makes heavenly chocolate covered Oreos she sells in packs of 10. Order through her website or slide into her DMs.

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