In GoThiSway

If you ever tried Tae Bo DVDs but ended up kicking over the computer stand in front of your TV, Dance Boxing at Forte Fitness might be just the thing that Billy Blanks would prescribe.

Yes, we are a fan of the time lapse.

Forte Fitness, known for its DanceFit classes, has created a mash-up: a traditional kickboxing class, but with music you’d typically only hear while kicking it at the club.

Luckily, the instructor starts the class by going over all the moves so you don’t feel left out of the choreography — which includes hooks, jabs, roundhouse kicks, crosses and rolls. The music is super fun and the class went by in a blink because of it.

Yes, that’s another time lapse. Deal.

While it may seem intimidating, it really is easy to get the hang of it. Worst case scenario? You just stand in the back and throw your arms around.

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