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We’re Butter Together

Don’t let your sense of charity go cold — donate perishable or non-perishable foods to this “Freedge” located at the Sandhills Coalition for Human Care, at 1117 W. Pennsylvania Ave. in Southern Pines. One of several free community fridges in the country, this one was founded by Cameron residents Nathan Gaddy, a student at Sandhills Community College, and his sister, Mallory, a Union Pines High School student.

“With the price of fresh produce on the rise, our most vulnerable communities are at risk of being priced out of healthy, wholesome food,” Nathan says. “My sister Mallory and I are just trying to fill a gap caused by a less-than-ideal economy.”

It’s open to anyone who needs it, and anyone can donate — just no raw meat, seafood, medication or alcohol. Donations must be be unopened, store-bought items. Stay cool.

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