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You may recognize the voice or the face of Rob Dufrense, a musician who is part of a few bands that play locally. When we say a few, we mean we lost count at six. “It’s just such a rich music community,” he says. “Even the music that isn’t necessarily for me, I like that it’s here.”

Rob began taking music lessons in third grade, and is now primarily a percussionist and vocalist. You’ll see him on stage with Bones Fork, The Jonathan Robinson Band, Black Axe, Task Force Rock and more. His talents span genres — another band he is in, Class Action & The Suits, jazzifies 90’s pop songs.

Rob is also a former Green Beret, and played in bands wherever he was stationed during his 20-plus years in the military. Diving fully into music in 2021 helped Rob achieve wellness. “In the military, I was mission focused and regimented for so long. Now I get to be in this creative pursuit. Music provides a vehicle to start conversations, build relationships, meet new people and support things you care about. It’s given me many opportunities and for that I’m filled with gratitude.”

The Jonathan Robinson Band

Rob is also a partner for Pine Gap Audio, a recording studio with locations in Southern Pines and Robbins. He has collaborated on original songs like “Hold On, Reach Out” to help raise awareness of the mental health crisis in the military community and to raise money for organizations supporting veteran mental wellness. 

“If I could do nothing else, my dream would be to play music in support of causes that are worth something to our community and our nation,” says Rob. The night owl loves being around happy people and running into familiar faces while playing in the local bar scene. So if you see him around, say hello. He might even play you a song.

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