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There’s nothing like a homemade sandwich — especially one native to these parts, where we mix grapes with sour cream and yogurt and call it a salad. Survive summer on hell’s front porch with the help of these sammies that you won’t find (or at least find done right) anywhere but the South. 

The M&M: No, not like the candy, although we’re sure someone somewhere has tried it. We’re talking the quick, cheap and light classic of mater ‘n mayo. Southerners will put up their Dukes if you try to contest their choice mayonnaise.

 How we like it:  

  • Fresh sliced heirloom tomato 
  • Dukes Mayo
  • A little salt and pepper
  • Light Vidalia onion 
  • White bread (sourdough if you want to be fancy)

The Collard Green: Mama always said to eat your greens. Now we’re proud to say we even enjoy them — as long as they’re between two thin pieces of deep-fried, crispy cornbread. Collards are an acquired taste, especially if you’re not from these parts, but the best are sold at church fundraisers. 

How we like it: 

  • A little salty
  • On thin, crispy cornbread. Soggy cornbread will ruin it.
  • Vinegary 
  • Bacon pieces 
  • Fatback on the side

The PB Banana: An easy snack for when you’re on the go or need a quick hit of protein and potassium. If you wanna ruffle this one up, throw on some plain salty chips for a little added crunch. 

How we like it: 

  • Smooth PB
  • A little honey 
  • Multigrain bread
  • Banana slices 

The Cucumber Dill: Pinkies up — these delicate minis are made to eat during tea time, even if you’re just spilling it. Look for them at baby showers, wedding showers, horse races and oddly specific luncheons. 

How we like it: 

  • Thin Sliced cucumbers
  • White bread, crust removed
  • Dill, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, chives
  • Mayo (Dukes, again) and cream cheese mixed together
The “Grown Up Grilled Cheese” from The Roast Office – A Grilled Pimento Cheese

The Pimento Cheese: Be prepared to get messy. This is a mix of sharp cheddar cheese, pimento peppers, and mayo. Some variations are made with cream cheese, but they’re all thicc and you will feel very full. Want something lighter? Try it on celery sticks as a dip. 

How we like it: 

  • Grilled
  • White bread bread
  • Extra pimentos in the cheese

The Fried Bologna: We ate this a lot as a kid, but haven’t thought about for years. We can’t say it still sounds appetizing, but the nostalgia factor earns it a spot on the list. If we wanted to find one, we’d look at a gas station/grill combo in what’s left of an old town with a single stoplight. When it comes to how people eat this one … it’s all over the map. Some people add cheddar cheese, some add mayo, some smoosh down the bread. You do you, little circular meat lover. 

How we like it: 

  • Plain white bread
  • Bologna (we got the really fake looking stuff as a kid) 
  • A little mustard (dealers choice) 

Bonus: Of course the famous pulled pork BBQ sandwich, vinegar based with coleslaw. But that one is obvious, right?

Did we miss your favorite? Send us a note at hello@itsthesway.com and tell us what weird sammich is on your summer menu. 

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