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You don’t need to practice mom’s handwriting for a seat on this out-of-office adventure by Angela Robb and Nicole Stein, who plan to help us live like tourists with Sandhills Trolley Co. The ride is still very much under construction, but here’s a sneak peek:

If a trolley tour is giving you history class vibes, put on your imagination hat and envision a field trip with music, TVs, games and stops for adult beverages, all led by that fun substitute who took the job to fund his new drum kit. 

“Aside from golf, which is amazing, there is not a ton to do around here as far as social activities. We want to make an activity that’s not a typical tour, where the driver is monotone and you’re just along for the ride,” Nicole says. “We wanted to make something that was not so much a ride, but an experience.”

Angela, the owner of Karma Spa Lounge and Beauty Bar, and Nicole, the spa’s general manager, had a running joke about creating a shuttle service to solve the spa’s parking issues. The ideas ~took off~ from there. 

“We want to make sure that we’re promoting our community and our guests are having a great time,” Nicole says. The two plan to have the trolley on the road by fall.

Want to keep tabs on progress? Park your follow finger on the trolley’s Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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