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A Fresh Arrangement

Jennifer Maples Donovan, owner and lead florist at Shady Maple Farm, has planted a new variety of truck at Red’s Corner: one that serves up floral bouquets. She dreamed up the stand after she bought the farm in 2018 and yesterday, her idea grew roots.

“I consider flowers a self-care item,” she said “I think they’re for everybody.”

The flower stall is made of up-cycled doors, wood and tin and filled with thrifted jars and vases, in keeping with Jennifer’s practice of regenerative and organic practices at her Carthage farm.

When kids come into the shop, she says, “I feel good knowing they aren’t getting chemicals on their fingers when they’re learning about and touching the flowers.”

Your arrangement can last anywhere from 7 to 14 days with Jennifers pro tips: keep them out of direct sunlight, trim the stems after a few days, and keep them away from your fruit because they emit chemicals that’ll harm your plants.

Find the Shady Maple Farm flower stocked at Red’s Corner (901 SW Broad St, Southern Pines) every Thursday through Saturday from 8-11 a.m., or while supplies last.

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