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We’re in Stitches

Last year was all about the coastal grandmother aesthetic. Now, the fashion gods are proud to present “eclectic grandpa” — think sweater vests, fun socks, trousers and lots of texture, with a heavy bend toward 70s colors and patterns. This more casual and thrifted style is just one look you’ll see out and about this year, and just one more indication that we’re all ready to head straight to a retirement filled with silly little hobbies. Here’s what else is in:

Bows: No longer just for pre-teen girls named JoJo, this accessory is cute for all ages. This last Christmas we saw many trees decorated with bows instead of ornaments. We’ve even seen bows incorporated into earrings and tights. 

Tights: Last time tights were this mainstream, Gossip Girl dominated our TV screens. Before that our moms forced them on us for family photos in a horrendous shade of off-white that got dirty if you even looked at them the wrong way. Now, we’re seeing statement tights with designs, texture and more. Bonus points if they’re fleece lined to give you the look without sacrificing the warmth. 

Fun pants: We’re seeing bolder options for pantaloons including embroidery, fun colors, wide legs and more. To everyone’s surprise, corduroy has even made a comeback but this time around it’s stretchier. 

Corduroy: Aside from pants, corduroy is taking the stage for jackets and even couches this year. 

Kitten Heels: We’ve noticed a resurgence of these anything-but-cute excuse for shoes. If you’re on board with the look, our apologies, but really what’s the point? Maybe we’re too all-or-nothing but we’d rather opt for flats. 

Oyster Nails: Nails with the sheen (with the sheen), you’ll be looking like a queen, aye! This trend gives nails a translucent opal look that can elevate a neutral nail color. 

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