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The end of summer is approaching which means its time for another #SwaySix reading list before the next season begins. Here’s some of what has kept us busy this summer:

For When You Need a Vacation:

One Italian Summer

The story begins with the death of Katy’s mom, who was her best friend. She’s left feeling lost and decides to go on the mother-daughter trip they had planned solo— until she meets her mother at 30 years old. Transport yourself to Italy with these descriptions and escape into a fantasy that will leave your heart warm. It’s an easy read that will give you some escapism.

For When You Want to See Life Through a New Lens:

Nowhere Girl: A Memoir of a Fugitive Childhood

This one floored us. The fact that it’s nonfiction is even crazier. It’s about a family built on lies, who never stay in one place for long. It’s amazing to see how many rules can be broken and how many different ways there are to live a life. Cheryl had to change her identity many times growing up but its not until she’s older that she starts to question her world. Warning: This one has some dark and intense stuff (but not the whole time).

If You’re Feeling Mysterious:

The Beach at Summerly

Take your typical beach read. Now, set it in the 1950’s during the Cold War. Add childhood flashbacks, romance — oh, and Soviet spies — all on the quaint Winthrop Island. It’s a page-turner and there’s still some autographed copies at The Country Bookstore from when author Beatriz Williams recently visited.

For When You’re In Love:

Same Time Next Summer

Sam’s life is on track. She has a good job in Manhattan and a doctor fiancé, and is about to tour a wedding venue near her family’s Long Island beach house. Then she runs into an ex from a teenage romance. It throws her into a panic and reminds us that love can make everyone crazy. In a way it reminds us of “The Summer I Turned Pretty”— but older.

For When You’re Feeling Burnt Out:

How to Stay Productive When the World is Ending

A collection of essays, how-tos, and “inspirational” graphics to help you laugh when staying both sane and productive in a busy world feels impossible. It’s the advice we didn’t know we needed. Even just the description had us hooked: “Juggling careers, maintaining relationships, managing side gigs, and sustaining an engaging social media presence is hard –– and we’re expected to do it all while battling the ever-present feeling of existential dread.” Oh, did we mention it’s sarcastic as heck? If you love The Sway, you’ll love this.

If You Just Really Like Wine:

Wine People

Okay, it’s not only for wine people. The book follows female friendships and gives you a glimpse of the wine industry— which can apparently have a lot of drama. We’re no connoisseurs but the tidbits about the industry mixed with the story made us feel like we can spit out a thing or two about a thing or two. Best read with a glass.

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