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Introducing Maguro Hibachi Steakhouse and Asian Cuisine. It’s right beside Brixx, in the Kohl’s Shopping Center. And yes, it’s in a storefront, so the atmosphere is a little, well, brighter than you’d expect. There’s about 10 seats to a grill.

The waitstaff was incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the chefs were ready to entertain with the appropriate amount of corny humor. Allergies can be accommodated, but they may cook it in the kitchen instead of on the grill.

All dinners come with salad and soup. You’ll find hot sake on the menu, along with every beer you’d see at a NASCAR race. Try the Japanese Sprite.

This is half of the Maguro for Two special ($46), which includes shrimp, steak and chicken. The fried rice (which is damn good) is made with soy sauce and teriyaki sauce — and meals are served with yum yum sauce andginger sauce.

No matter what you order, you’ll get enough to take home with you for a second meal. Dinner prices range from $11 for a vegetable plate to $35 for a combo with shrimp, scallops and lobster. Lunch is $8 for veggies, $15 for filet mignon.

No matter what, your kids will be entertained. The restaurant is still in its soft-opening phase, so give them your honest feedback. Find photos of the menu on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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