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Did someone say the Circle of Doom? You can now ride through it while bopping to a catchy little tune called, “Traffic Circle Blues.” Yes, there is now a song about the Traffic Circle — a landmark that singer and harpist Eryn Jones Fuson considers the great unifier of our time.

“No matter who you are, where you come from or what you believe in, I can assure you that we can all come together, united, on one thing — being annoyed by the traffic circle,” she says. Eryn decided to take her musical skills for a spin, literally, by writing the song little by little, only during her time spent waiting at the circle. The bluesy number that resulted is a collaboration between herself and composer (and Southern Pines Mayor Pro Tem) Paul Murphy, percussionist William Johnson, guitarist Jonathan Robinson and more.

The group of musicians even performed the ode to the Traffic Circle in a circle, amongst the trees inside the Traffic Circle. Call it commitment or call it circleception, but you can see it for yourself in this music video shot via drone.

Meet the people who made it all possible: 

  • William Johnson – Percussion, videography, music & video editing
  • Bobby Hancock – Drone videography
  • Andrew Cook – Upright bass/acting 
  • Paul Murphy – Keyboard
  • Jonathan Robinson – Electric guitar
  • Mat Encinosa – Acoustic guitar
  • Leyton McCampbell – Background vocals/acting
  • Marty Prince – Harmonica/acting

“Traffic Circle Blues”  is 4 minutes and 46 seconds long, just about the right amount of time to listen while waiting in, well, you know. Stream it on Spotify.

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