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Healthcare workers across Moore County are working long shifts every day to care for patients in need. But thanks to Feed the Fight Sandhills, North Carolina, they’re not doing it on an empty stomach.

Feed the Fight Sandhills provides meals from local restaurants to healthcare workers at FirstHealth of the Carolinas and beyond.

Local resident Carrie Simmons started Feed the Fight of the Sandhills as a way to fuel those working around the clock to keep our community healthy. The program also serves as a way to support local restaurants.

Dugan’s Pub, Elliotts on Linden, House of Fish and Curt’s Cucina are among many restaurants filling orders — some slipping small “thank you” notes inside of the to-go bags.

How It Began

The folks at Dugan’s Pub filled to-go orders for nine nurses at Moore Regional Hospital.

What started as twice-weekly deliveries has expanded in just a month. Feed the Fight Sandhills, North Carolina now provides takeout to FirstHealth locations and other healthcare facilities across the county around five times per week. 

“Some of the deliveries are really small. We’ve done anywhere from orders for four people to orders for 65,” Carrie said.

The organization is donation-based. Volunteers place takeout orders for nurses, doctors and other hospital staff members at local restaurants.

“The outpouring of donations to our staff has gone a long way to boost morale during these stressful times,” said Karen Robeano, DNP, R.N., chief nursing officer at Moore Regional Hospital.

The emergency department at FirstHealth Moore Regional ate well, thanks to Curt’s Cucina.

Her crew of volunteers consists of takeout coordinators and two other delivery drivers, including herself. She matches restaurants based on the number of orders she needs to place. Carrie said she encourages restaurants to reach out to her if they’re interested in filling an order.

Carrie said she didn’t do much advertising, she’s received an abundance of donation checks from promoting the group by word of mouth. 

“The generosity of this community is amazing,” Carrie said. “They don’t know me and they’re sending me checks for this.

A National Movement

Feed the Fight of the Sandhills under a larger Feed the Fight organization in Washington D.C. The Feed the Fight organization has gained national recognition on CBS Nightly News and Fox News. The Sandhills chapter of Feed the Fight is one of three branches. 

Those interested in donating can do so at FeedtheFight.org. Although “North Carolina” is the region option, those donations only benefit restaurants and healthcare employees here in Moore County. 

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