After years of PCS moves, Emily Yopp and her active-duty husband have found their forever home — the historic Waddell-Larkin House in Carthage. Dubbed “A Fine Folk House,” the couple is undertaking massive repairs in bringing this 1880 home up to code.

“Through our married life, we bought newer houses — it’s just what you do, find a new home in a new neighborhood,” Emily says. “But we always found the quality of construction severely lacking. We started looking into older houses, built back when things were made to last and be passed down through generations.”

The Waddell-Larkin House has suffered extensive termite and water damage. There’s an obvious slant to some of the floors, and others are, well, wavy. At least one fireplace was hiding behind a wall — as was a lot of mold. The entire HVAC system needs an overhaul. You get the picture.

“Most people think I’m insane, and I probably am insane,” Emily laughs. “But I’m so excited to find these original details (like beadboard ceilings) and bring them back.”

If you’re similarly crazy, Emily suggests looking into a FHA 203K loan, which covers the price of purchase and renovations. Those who would rather live vicariously through her can follow the progress on Instagram.

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