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Have Family Coming to Town?

Live like a tourist and join them in one of these local Airbnb rentals. Because every time you stay at a motel, you have flashbacks of the time your cousin threw you in the pool and yelled SWIM OR DROWN.


1. A literal treehouse — You may have seen this 26-foot-high log cabin from Midland Road. At $200 a night, it’s pricy, but how much would you pay for the chance to relive your childhood? Spend your evening communing with squirrels on the rooftop deck. Spend your nights terrorizing the neighbors by taking baths on the balcony. It’s a new listing, so there’s no reviews yet — let us know if it gets creepy in there at 3 a.m. Info.


2. A golf-front “treehouse” — Mushroom houses, UFOs, whatever you call them, someone bought one in the Brae Burn Community and renovated it. It features gorgeous pine floors and floor-to-ceiling windows. Plus, it’s round. Instagram will love it. Info.


3. A modern, squeaky-clean estate — You and 15 of your closest friends can enjoy a movie theater, gym, bar, grill and fire pit in this slice of  landscaped bliss in Pinehurst. We hear that the host will even deliver groceries. Info.


4. A Victorian B&B — This Aberdeen spot might be on the National Register of Historic Places, but it comes with free wifi, an individual thermostat, and gourmet breakfast each morning. Copious floral wallpaper is also free of charge. Info.


5. A horse country abode — You can’t afford to buy the farm, but you can rent one at the 10-acre Tanglewood Farm B&B. A homemade breakfast and personal introduction to the host’s horses and chickens come at no extra charge. Info.


6. A cottage on the lake — This lakefront house also features a large lawn, covered porch and an open floorplan — the perfect recipe for forcing your family to spend time with you. Being in Seven Lakes means they’ll have no choice but to do just that. Info.

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