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Eat your way through Moore County with Foodie Tours, a new business started by Tori Hypes. Choose from lunch and dinner tours in Aberdeen, or lunch, coffee and world cuisine tours in Southern Pines. Expect a variety of food in each tour, which can accommodate up to nine people.

Tori Hypes

These walking tours are designed to take you to places you may not have thought of going, perfect for if you’re feeling adventurous or if you want to show out-of-towners around in a unique way. Tori has been around the world and considers herself a tried-and-true foodie. “I know bigger cities have food tours,” she says. “I think the smaller, charming towns could use them too.”

Part of her inspiration was from the popular Facebook group “Moore Foodies,” where y’all get real serious about food. Tours will include a bit of history of town as well as some info on the restaurants along the way. 

How does it work? Book online and pay upfront, without worrying about tips or paying as you go. Tours will be throughout the week. Tori purposely excluded all the stops on each tour to leave a bit of mystery with what you’ll get. Plan to eat family style at many of the stops and believe us, you’ll be full by the end. Stay turned to more tours on Facebook or Instagram

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