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Here’s the tea: A new booth at Twigg & Co will keep you stocked up for oolong time. Find a wide variety at a booth called Lily Pad Studio, which is also stocked with mixed media work by artist / tea enthusiast Tina Bozkurt.

Tina previously did tea tastings when she lived in Elizabeth City and had a lot of success. “I used to wonder why tea tasted so good sometimes and so-so other times. Once you learn the science you can master the perfect taste,” says Tina. Her favorite tea is a Ruby Oolong.

Fun fact: In Tibet they put butter and salt in their tea.

Tina has brewing down to a science and will serve up her knowledge during a private tea tasting — aka your excuse to have an adult tea party — via her business, The Timeless Teacup. You’ll pick seven teas from a list of 32 to try, and get a history of the teas, a rundown of different brew methods and even the science behind the water. Tastings are $10/ person at your desired location.

Rather have a choose-your-own tea adventure? Find loose-leaf teas and brewing accessories in her booth at Twigg & Co

Contact Tina for a private tasting at tinabozkurt@gmail.com or call (252)-384-8041.

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