Form V Chocolates to Open Brick-and-Mortar

If you were thinking of giving up sugar in 2021, find a new dream. Form V Chocolates is expanding its operation into a brick-and-mortar, which is expected to open in the Village of Pinehurst by the end of January. The exact location is still hush-hush, but you can go ahead and cue the confetti. 

Owner Scott Hasemeier says the brick-and-mortar will include a larger kitchen with more equipment, a retail space and a Wonka-esque glass window to give a peek behind the scenes.

“Every single thing in our shop will be chocolate themed. From hot cocoa bombs to marshmallow snoballs — it’ll all involve chocolate in one way or another.”

With 28 years of chef experience, Scott got into the chocolate making world a few years ago. He started Form V Chocolates in February of this year out of his own kitchen, but as business picked up, he noticed a need for expansion.

“We’re riding a huge wave right now,” Scott says. “have so many ideas, but I’m trying to make three or four of those things happen now so we can make sure we do them well. I’d rather do a few things really well than try and juggle 12 things at once.”

Chocolatier classes for the masses are among those ideas. Scott says he plans to start with a five-hour basic class and slowly expand into more complicated techniques spraying and making ganache.

“By expanding our space, we’re expanding our repertoire,” Scott says. “This is just the beginning of Form V.”

To keep up with Form V’s progress, check them out on Instagram.

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