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Spring is here and with great weather comes great responsibility aka throwing eggcellent parties. Sooo, we compiled a list of six party games that’ll give you more than grass stains on your Easter slacks and childhood nostalgia—cousin and sibling rivalries anyone? On your marks get set… go!

he Fluffy Bonnet

An Easter tradition may involve a fancy hairstyle, but this isn’t it.

What You’ll Need: A shower cap, a can or two of whip cream, and Cheetos. The Mission: Put your teammate in a shower cap, and cover their head with whip cream. Then throw Cheetos at their head. Each Cheeto that sticks is one point. The team with the most points wins the game.

The Peep War

No, not what happens when the bunny gives your brother more candy than you.

What You’ll Need: A table, 12 Peeps, and two plastic eggs. The Mission: Position you and your opponent at opposite ends of a table. Each player lines up six peeps in front of them and chooses an egg for ammo. Your mission? To roll the egg to the end of the table and knock off one of the other player’s Peeps. First one to get them all (or a predetermined amount) wins.

The Hunt Relay

Moms are great at finding things, so make sure you have at least one on your team.

What You’ll Need: A large group of people, and a plastic egg for each one.
The Mission: Hide eggs like you would for an egg hunt. Divide your players into two relay teams. The first must find an egg, bring it back to the next team member, who then runs to find an egg. This continues until all the players on your relay team have eggs in hand.

The Chubby Bunny

If you’ve been looking for a reason to talk with your mouth full, here’s your chance … even if you might have to swallow your pride in the name of sugary glory.

What You’ll Need: Marshmallows. The Mission: Each player will need to continuously stuff marshmallows into their mouth until they can no longer say Chubby Bunny audibly. The person who lasts the longest wins.

The Egg Toss

In case you didn’t have enough anxiety, now we’re throwing eggs. We couldn’t not mention this classic.

What You’ll Need: Teams of two, one raw egg per team, and something to denote the finish line. The Mission: Each team throws their egg to each other while shuffling down to the finish line without dropping their un-boiled egg. First team to the finish line wins.

Deviled Egg Eating Competition

We know your mother-in-law worked really hard on preparing these, but what better way to show your appreciation than eating as many as you can in two minutes? This one’s self-explanatory but you get to really see what matters most: your plumbing or a chance at glory.

  • If there’s a deviled egg recipe you’d recommend for this competition, let us know at hello@itsthesway.com.
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