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Girls Just Wanna Have Fern

Now you can get your greens on the go — your decorative greens, that is. We know food trucks are all the rage around here, but now we have a plant truck. Rooted Botanica is a mobile unit full of houseplants, pre-mixed soil bags for various plant needs and other small items like shirts, bags and art. 

Liz Aboody and Diana Gibson met and bonded through their love of plants and now hope to use that as a way to be more involved in the community. “I felt like I was forcing plants on all my friends,” Diana laughs, “then we decided to go for it and make a business.”

The idea began a year ago as an online store called Rooted in the Pines, before evolving into the mobile shop. Expect to see the Rooted Botanica truck around the area at various pop-up markets. There are even plans for local delivery one day a week for those who order online.

Find tropical houseplants, succulents, cacti and other rare plants, and be on the lookout for plant styling that’ll help you achieve the aesthetic you want. Liz says they even have ideas for renting out the truck for events where you can make your own terrarium. Want to know where the truck will be next? See the schedule here.

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