No. The answer is no.  There’s still time to get something special for the most important woman in your life, dear old mom. Your mom, your kid’s mom, your best friend’s mom who you love more than your own wife (weird, but okay, you do you) — all moms deserve the most special gift of all under the tree. It’s time to upgrade from another homemade pot holder this year. Here are our suggestions:


Something Sweet to Represent her Favorite People

Initial charms from Framer’s Cottage are just $35 per charm, so you can get a letter to represent each of her favorite minions. 

What the New Mom Really Wants

Every mom loves her kids, but 9 months of no beer was quite the sacrifice. An adorable onesie and 6-pack of Prioress is good for the soul. Take care of mom’s new baby and her sanity with a gift she can really enjoy from Southern Pines Brewing Company.


Some Help in the Kitchen

Even if you’re not going to help with the cooking or cleaning (which would be the most appreciated gift year-round) a gift from Purple Thistle in Pinehurst is a great way to keep you on her mind whenever she’s making a nice meal. Cookware, spices, and sweet decor all make great gifts for the cook of the family. 


And this Year’s Latest Cooking Trend

If she doesn’t have an Instant Pot yet, now is the time. There’s nothing better than the gift of not having to spend more than 15 minutes making dinner on a weeknight. Burney Hardware has a selection of the latest pressure cookers, slow cookers and more, as well as other fun kitchen accessories she’ll love.


Gift Her Some Alone Time

If you think that a gift card isn’t genuine enough for your angel of a mother, think again. There’s nothing mom deserves more than a moment away from you. A day to herself at the Pinehurst Resort Spa or a cocktail and root touch-up at Retro Studio is definitely in order.


More Pictures with You

When was the last time you were a willing participant in a photo? Get in front of the camera and get her in front of it, too. Book her a session with one of the many talented local photographers, like Brittany Raynor Photography. And yes, you let her pick out coordinating outfits for shoot day if she wants. This is her treat.


A Homier Home

Something simple and chic for the young mom’s home is just what she needs to balance out the signing, bright and colorful toys that entertain her toddler. Just because she’s a mom now doesn’t mean she’s lost her style. A gift from the Estate of Things will brighten up her mood just as much as it brightens up her happy home.

Give her the Best Dreams

Chances are she’s had her eye on something from Barefoot Dreams for a long time, and the only place to buy that kind of luxury locally is Opulence. Gift her loungewear, blankets and lotions and help her relax with a glass of wine after a long day of killing it, just like she deserves. And trust us, throw in a silk pillowcase because it’s the greatest gift for her to lay her head down on every night and not ruin her hair.

Kick the Smell of Stinky Diapers

Whether she’s housing a baby or a teenager, getting her home to smell the way it did pre-children requires many, many candles. No woman on earth can resist a good scent, and Green Goods has a variety of locally made candles to set the mood and restore her favorite smells to her home.
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