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Where do you draw the line between a gift being sensible and so practical that it’s boring? What about crossing the line between being a thoughtful gift and an offensive one? We took a random survey and selected a few convincing responses out of the overwhelming majority’s opinion. There were really only a few people that said they’d be offended by receiving a gym membership, and it was more because they weren’t getting the Louis Vuitton than the fact that they would be sweating in their velour. So, if you’ve been thinking about giving the gift of fitness this season, here’s what a few people had to say on the topic:


“I already work out at a gym I love so I wouldn’t be offended if someone gave me some free months on my membership! Maybe pair it with some Lululemon and pre-workout so you don’t seem so …boring? Haha!” — Cindy, 54

“One year I signed me and my dad up for a 10k for us to run together early that year and he loved it (I mean, he showed up so I think he loved it.) But we trained together a few times, I beat his time, it was just a cool experience gift rather than something else he didn’t need.” — Nathan, 30

“Sure, I’d love to receive a gym membership because I’m too cheap to buy one myself but maybe if someone gave me one I’d actually work out.” — Rachael, 24

“Me and my wife have always come to the gym together. We’re that annoying couple you see doing every exercise together. Yeah, that’s us, be jealous! When our kids get older and find girls they want to be annoying with, I’d gladly gift them a membership so they can carry on our legacy!” — Richard, 56

“As a person who frequents the gym, I think getting a year of paid membership would be awesome, but it’s something I already have and Christmas is the occasion to get things that are new and exciting. The only people I can think would want a gym membership are people that already have one, so I’d probably give them something to help motivate them at the gym. I’ve gifted my mom a few sessions with my personal trainer who I love (he kicks her butt). I’d pay for a small group session to give to my girlfriends so we can all have an excuse to get together for something fun that we all enjoy, or for my husband who works out all the time and buys everything he needs, I’d get him a massage because he always complains how sore he is (but never stretches, men). Just find something to go along with the routine your loved ones have already established.” — Angela, 36


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