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Get Down With Your Gal Pals

Movie nights can be predictable and there are only so many stories you can have in the women’s bathroom at a random bar — switch it up with some unique ladies’ night out ideas. 

  • Dance*Fit at Forte Fitness is a fun way to see which of your friends isn’t afraid of hitting the dance floor. The music and lighting makes you feel like you’re in a club, and there’s no guilt because you’re burning calories instead of consuming. Also, you don’t need a membership. Sweat it out.
  • Host a tea tasting with The Timeless Teacup. Try a variety of teas and learn about the best method for each. Bonus points for dressing up. 
  • Take a joy ride on the Sandhills Trolley. Find a theme night that speaks to you and your group — like the upcoming Mom Prom, 90’s party and more. Prepare for belly laughs.
  • Perform karaoke. Your collection of body washes shouldn’t be the only ones getting a show. See where to sing here.
  • Take an art workshop at Hammer & Stain. It’s two activities in one, because you get to create a masterpiece and find a spot for it when you bring it home. 
  • Do a foodie tour. Now none of you have to pick a restaurant. You’re welcome. Bon appétit.
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