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As the only thing in your life that lived to serve you, that Christmas tree deserves more than to spend its golden years curbside, waiting to be taken to the beautiful Christmas tree farm upstairs. Here’s what to do with it instead:

:: Donate it to a farm / rescue: Aloha Safari Rescue Zoo in Cameron uses them to enhance their habitats, and Carolina Tiger Rescue, in Chapel Hill, uses them for giant cat toys. You just have to get it there.

:: Give it to a goat. They’ll eat them — along with any ornament you forget amongst the branches. Baaaaaa-humbug.

:: Shove it in your closet. Instant air freshener. But really, you can take it to a wood chipper and put the remnants in cloth bags. It’s like those Christmas tree air fresheners you buy at Dollar Tree, except more ~aUtHeNtIc~.

:: Prove you’re worth that #saltlife sticker and haul it to the beach, where they’ll use your tree to help fortify the dunes. Learn more about how Carolina Beach could use your tree here.

:: Throw it in the woods. Bonus points if you have your kids decorate it with with pine cones ornaments covered in peanut butter and birdseed. It’ll also be a nice surprise for the construction company when they decide to clear the land beside your house that’s served as a Christmas tree graveyard for 10 years.

:: Throw it in your neighbor’s koi pond. The fish will love the new habitat. And you’ll love the workout you get fleeing the scene.

:: And, don’t forget to save some dry branches for your next camping trip. Recognize your true calling as the master of fire. The dry branches and needles work wonders and you can prove that you earned that Girl Scout badge.

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