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The staff at the Moore Coalition for Human Care’s resale shops are all victims of the KonMari method.

If you’re tired of promising yourself to cut out carbs, maybe it’s time to focus on a resolution that you can actually stick with for a change. Realtor Joanne Crum, of Rhodes & Co., has a few suggestions for those who resolve to get involved in 2020.

1. For the entertainment lover: 

At the Sunrise Theater, you’ll do everything from take tickets to serve popcorn.

2. For the military supporter: 

The Unit Scholarship Fund, a nonprofit that provides scholarships to military spouses and children, could use your donation.

3. For the one who wants to make a big difference: 

Help Moore County Friend to Friend get victims of domestic violence and sexual assault back on their feet by making a donation.

4. For the one who’s fur obsessed: 

Adopt a good boy or girl from Moore County Sheriff’s Department’s Animal Services, or make a donation.

5. For the one who wants to pop some tags: 

Get to work in Moore Coalition for Human Care’s resale shop. Stick with your resolution and do some thrift shopping — it’s a win-win.

6. For the one who likes to have options: 

Put Pinterest skills to work as a toymaker, help patients leave the hospital safely as a discharge volunteer, work the gift shop counter and so much more at FirstHealth.

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