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So, we made a calendar, and we’re really excited about it. (TLDR: Buy the calendar here.)

Anyway, here’s the story.

Many moons ago, we partnered with Nutrishop to create a 2020 calendar called “Ring the Alarm,” celebrating local first responders who participated in a “Guns and Hoses” wellness challenge.

Weeks after the challenge, a celebratory catwalk, photoshoots and anticipation, we’re psyched to announce that our first print product has officially arrived. And it looks good. Like, really good.

In case you missed it, Nutrishop sponsored a “Guns and Hoses” fitness challenge earlier this year where participating local first responders competed to see who could make the most ~gainz~ and lose the most body fat in a time span of two months.

Local gyms gifted the participants with a free membership for the duration of the challenge. Participants checked in periodically with the folks at Nutrishop to track their progress.

Cue yours truly.

After the challenge ended, we hosted an event called “Ring the Alarm” that showcased the finalists from the Guns and Hoses challenge. There was a catwalk, plenty of cat calls, a little booze and a lot of loud music.

An accurate representation of the event.

We were worried 305 Trackside would burst into flames, but thankfully we were in good company for that sort of thing.

Said finalists then endured a few minutes of embarrassment as we hyped them up and photographed them for a calendar to celebrate their accomplishments — plus the fact that they are heroes. NBD.

The calendar features a little bit of everything, from shirtless shoe store “salesman” to puppies. You’ll also spot of a few of your favorite small businesses. We know every page will look great on your wall.

Calendars are $15 and you can buy ’em here. Happy 2020, party people.

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