Since our book club bit the library shelf dust (RIP) we’ve entertained requests for our favorite reads and asked you for yours. Here’s six of our recent picks:

1. Where the Crawdads Sing:  This could be a typical coming-of-age story set on a beach, except the heroine is the town doormat who lives in a swamp, and is ultimately suspected of murder. Ooooh.

2. This is How it Always Is: This book about a 5-year-old boy and his secret that the family chooses to keep is written as a stream-of-consciousness that translates much better to audio. Listen up.

3. Before We Were Yours: Yes, we were sleeping on this hit, based on a real-life scandal in which poor kids were kidnapped and sold to wealthy families across the U.S. Don’t worry, it has a good ending. Dive in.

4. Nine Perfect Strangers: Big Little Lieswasone of our book club’s biggest hits, and Liane Moriarty is back with another novel full of dark humor and nine characters (duh) who you won’t want to be friends with in real life. Turn, turn, turn the page.

5. Educated: A Memoir: Your extreme-couponing neighbor who stockpiles Brawny Paper Towels for the apocalypse is no match for this woman’s family, who lived completely off the grid for all of Tara Westover’s childhood. Her journey to invent herself is tough to read, but worth it. Join the waitlist.

6. The Crazy Rich Asian trilogy: Whether you grew up watching the Young and the Restless with grandma or had a less normal childhood, you won’t be able to put down this soap opera of money and the problems that rich people make up to fill their time. Bookmark it.

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