In GoThiSway

Newly renovated theaters at Paragon Sandhills are comfortable enough to get cozy with the right person and dark enough to make Valentine’s Day bearable for those who don’t have someone to hold hands with. 

  1. What Men Want: The couple who knows this day is about what she wants can enjoy a comedy filled with girl power and romance in this twist on a two-decades-old Mel Gibson film, starring Taraji P. Henson. Who knows, maybe it will inspire a dominant attitude in her for the rest of the evening.
  2. Isn’t it Romantic: The couple enjoying their first Valentine’s Day together can rely on Rebel Wilson to help them prove to each other that they in no way care about this totally commercial holiday that has no bearing at all in the success of their relationship.
  3. Cold Pursuit: The two who don’t yet know if they’re a couple or not yet can share some popcorn over Liam Neeson’s newest type casting. It’s entertaining and non-romantic. Plus, there’s no way she’ll be more attracted to the Liam Neeson than you, so at least there’s that.
  4. Lego Movie 2: Those spending the day with their kids will probably enjoy this movie just as much as them — and there’s zero judgement when you decide to blow your Valentine candy budget on snowcaps. Plus who doesn’t love Chris Pratt, whether he’s playing a shirtless superhero or an adorably awkward animated lego man?
  5. The Prodigy: The Lonely Hearts Club will be glad to witness a horror movie other than the never ending reel of their love life. The Prodigy, a movie about a mother whose young son Miles’ disturbing behavior signals that an evil, possibly supernatural force has overtaken him, will make you happy that you don’t have an potential love interests that could knock you up and turn this nightmare into a reality.
  6. Alita: Battle Angel: This James Cameron film winds action, adventure and a little romance into the tale of a deactivated cyborg with amnesia. We can’t promise you’ll enjoy it, but you’ll definitely have something to talk about after. See it Wednesday, before it hits the SyFy network.
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