Grace Filled Baker Mixes Up Modern Nostalgia

Alison Reed’s approach with Grace Filled Baker is simple — to take classic flavors to the next level. She brought that mission to life when she opened up Grace Filled Baker almost a year ago, mixing up cakes, cookies, pies and macarons that look too pretty not to eat and taste like they’re right out of your grandmother’s oven. 

“I take a nostalgic approach to baking,” Alison says. “Growing up, we always had cake around the house to offer guests. I like to do the classics, but do them really, really well.”

Photo by Paige Kentner Photography.

Alison got her start in the wedding cake business under the expert eye of her mother-in-law. They co-owned DeClare Cakes, a wedding cake shop in Charleston for almost seven years. The military eventually moved Alison and her husband to the Pines. It wasn’t long, though, before she got back in the baking game.

“I realized after a while that I really needed an outlet. My original vision for Grace Filled Baker was a food blog, but a bakery just felt right,” she says.

From the Clicks to Cakes

Though old-school magic fuels Grace Filled Baker, the shop itself is about as 21st Century as they come. The bakery operates completely online. All cakes, cookies and macarons are made in her home kitchen, which is a North Carolina certified home bakery.

Photo by @gracefilledbaker on Instagram.

On her website, you’ll find classic flavors like German chocolate made with imported cocoa and vanilla confetti. She also takes custom orders for themed party cakes, macarons by the dozen and more.

“It’s a lot of fun to collaborate with clients. I once made a rosé cake for a bridal shower,” she says. I love to create flavors and think outside the box, but it’s important you can nail those old school favorites,” Alison says.

Seasonal flavors are also available through Grace Filled Baker. Alison is also taking custom orders for Christmas treats like the Peppermint Bark cake, holiday-themed vanilla sugar cookies, Gingerbread macarons and more.

The turnaround time for the classics is anywhere from two days to seven days. Custom orders take a bit longer, but it all depends on the timing.

Looking Ahead

Though Alison doesn’t have any immediate plans to open up a brick-and-mortar, she does have some exciting moves in store. Grace Filled Baker will be collaborating with Bump and Baby to create specialty treats. Also in the works for December is a “Baked Sweets & Greets” box with Hammer & Stain.

To learn more about Alison and Grace Filled Baker, check her out on Instagram and visit her online shop.

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