Grill Me Up Food Truck Mobilizes Gourmet Dining

On the exterior, Grill Me Up food truck looks like your typical roadside sandwich stop. But on the inside, owner Jim Ostrander flips fresh crab cakes on the griddle and braises patty melts that offer the big flavor profiles found in a sit-down spot. .

Grill Me Up hit the road for the first time July 10, posting up outside of Barron’s Boutique in West End. Jim, who worked as a server and bartender at Chef Warren’s for 15 years, dreamt of starting his own truck for the past six years. When the pandemic turned the service industry upside down, Jim jumped at the opportunity.

The crab cake sandwich made with chipotle aioli on a potato bun.

From Asian-style Banh Mi burgers to caprese grilled cheeses, Grill Me Up’s menu rotates constantly, but consists of unique sandwiches crafted from locally sourced meats, veggies and cheeses.

“I wanted to create something different,” Jim says. “Those cooking styles you don’t see every day, and the flavors that are hard to come by.”

Pictured: the braised patty melt

Sides include seasoned fries, cheese fries, gravy fries made with braised beef and a demi glaze, and a soup of the day. Homemade lemonade is also on the menu.

Although Jim hasn’t settled on a regular location for Grill Me Up, he has plans to take it to area neighborhoods, events and more.

To learn more about Jim and Grill Me Up’s whereabouts, check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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