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Ah, the Fourth of July. It’s all fun, games and watching little Breighdenn feed his hot dog scraps to Opraw Woofrey until the sun goes down and the whole neighborhood puts on a show with their with their newly acquired sparks of freedom.

We asked executive director of Vision4Moore and pet advocate Pam Partis to help us compile a list of tips on how to deal with your pup’s freakout session when cousin Larry lets out his freedom yell and lights up the sky.

Oh, and before you read any further — most items that leave the ground or explode are illegal for private use in NC. This is us telling you to not be dumb.

Keep them indoors and as far from the fireworks as possible.

Also make sure you keep them away from any bright lights while inside. Shut the curtains and blinds.

Make sure they’re wearing a collar with current information.

The number of lost pets skyrockets around the Fourth of July. Make sure their collar is updated with the correct contact information in case your pet does get loose. Also, make sure you have a recent photo of them on hand.

Leave on some background noise.

A TV or radio is helpful. Background noise inside of your house can help block the noise from fireworks happening outdoors.

Take them out to do “their business” before the fireworks start.

If you know someone in your neighborhood is getting lit at 9 p.m., make sure Opraw Woofrey does her thing beforehand. You definitely don’t want to freak your pet out by taking them out to use the bathroom in the middle of cousin Larry’s grand finale.

If you are outside, keep them on a leash.

While staying indoors is ideal, make sure your dog is attached to a leash if you have to take them out.

Consult your veterinarian before the Fourth of July

If you’re unsure wary about how your pup will react while they’re safe inside, talk to your vet. They can provide more information or supplements that fit the needs of your pet.

If your pet does go missing during the Fourth of July or any time, The Pilot offers a free pet lost and found service. To complete a report:

  • Go to thepilot.com
  • Click on the Pets Heading
  • Select Lost or Found Report, complete the report fully – including uploading a photo (this is why you want a current photo) 
  • Hit the submit button
  • Be sure to let them know when the pet has been returned home.
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