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What’s Up, Jeff?

It’s been a bit since we’ve given an update on the Jefferson Inn. In November, new owners The Carolina Experience suspended all bar operations, laid off bar staff, and temporarily closed the hotel for renovations. Now, the interior of the historic inn looks a bit different.

The carpets were replaced with wood flooring, the bedding was updated and there’s fresh paint throughout. The wood in the lobby has been painted black and the walls are white. The front desk has been walled in, as the hotel now operates like an Airbnb. Each of the 14 rooms has an individual keypad and code.

Yes, yes, but what about the bar? It’s still TBD. Shannon Pearson, the company’s director of experience, says the plan is for The Carolina Experience to run hotel operations but lease the bar to an outside vendor. That vendor would then determine the future of the bar and whether or not to bring back live music. “We don’t have experience in being a bar/music venue, but we know we want to go with a local vendor,” she said in March.

When we checked in last week, Shannon told us the bar and patio were still under renovation. The inn itself, she said, has remained popular, especially for wedding parties. Stay tuned for updates — you’ll know something when we do.

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