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Two artists have added a lot of color to Southern Pines recently. You may have seen their work at Rec Room, Banh-Sen Noodle Bar & Street Food or even Retro Salon. So who are the Muralists? Meet Lucy Phung and Alex DeLarge. These two are based out of Charlotte but are “always on the road,” says Lucy. Their most recent work trip was to Alabama.

A few of the murals from RecRoom

The two got off to a flying art about a year ago when Alex invited Lucy to a painting event. For Alex, the writing was literally on the wall. “Lucy is a pro at small details,” says Alex. “I specialize in spray painting and graffiti on a large scale.” 

Photo Contributed: Lucy Phung, Alex DeLarge. Photography by @badpineapplemedia.

How do they do it? Well, it depends on the client. Some have specific requests, some let Lucy and Alex run with it. “We’re more focused on the final product than being application purists,” says Alex, who says they use methods from squiggle grids to projection and freehand.

Art from RETRO and Banh-Sen Noodle Bar & Street Food

Rec Room is one the duo’s favorite places they’ve left a mark, but they have done everything from history museums to breweries. “I love art that the community can enjoy,” says Alex. They say around 40% of inquires come from social media but the majority is through word of mouth. “Commissions are great, but when a business comes to us wanting a mural, that’s how we get our work seen. We are so grateful for open-minded business owners.”

  • Interested in a commission? Check out their Instagram handles @1ucysushi and @alxdlrg and send them a DM.
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