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Before vintage became a personality trait, Heather Longacre had a passion for all things old and beautiful. In September 2017 she turned that passion into a career with her online Instagram antique shop, House of York.

From hunting through estate sales to scouring flea markets up and down the east coast, Heather collects the unique and the antique. She then re-homes her finds through House of York.

Heather posts photos of her finds, and people across the country place their orders via DMs. She also keeps a running list of requests from people looking for pieces from a specific period or artists to look out for on her next hunt.

“I find the old and the broken,” Heather says. “It’s a thrill for me.”

Heather developed her love for history and culture as a child. The name “House of York” stems from Yorkshire, England and Heather’s passion for British art, culture and history.

She’s since passed down that love to her own children, who have happily taken on the role of her little personal assistants.

“It’s really a way for us to disconnect from day-to-day things and get back to the way things used to be as a family,” Heather says.

Heather hopes to open up a brick-and-mortar shop in the future, but until then, she’ll continue taking to social media to share her finds.

“It’s hard to replicate the craftsmanship of these pieces from 200 years ago,” Heather says. “I mean, if they could tell stories, could you imagine what they would have to say? That’s amazing to me.”

Follow House of York on Instagram to browse Heather’s latest discoveries.

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