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While the modern farmhouse theme isn’t ruled out completely in the real estate market, different design trends are beginning to take center stage. Here’s what Rhodes & Co. realtor Pat Phillips says she’s seeing right now.

Pops of color.

From custom-colored kitchen islands to vibrant cabinets, pops of color are becoming a popular trend in modern real estate. Pat says she’s seeing a lot of lighter walls with splashes of color throughout the home.

Natural materials.

Natural materials with a chic spin are becoming more popular throughout homes. For example, marble finishes and bamboo accents offer a different take on the “boho” look.

Vinyl floors.

These scratch-resistant and water-resistant floors are more durable than hardwood and come in a variety of tones and colors. According to Pat, many homebuyers and builders prefer vinyl nowadays due to the lower price and high quality.

The color black.

While pops of color is trending, so is its darker counterpart. Realtors are seeing more people interested in black — black cabinets, black tubs and black shelves. Black is now also being used to paint the outside of homes for a modern lewk.

For more home design trends or for more information on buying or selling a home, contact Pat Phillips.

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