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Last month, Kaylee Myers, resource coordinator of the Hoke County Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center, outlined some of the warning signs of domestic violence. But if you find yourself a victim, what should you do?

Turns out, there are a lot of steps you can take. Kaylee gives us the lowdown below.

First, Assemble a Support Squad.

No one should have to suffer through domestic violence alone; and when it’s time to take action, those actions can be tough. You’ll need someone in your corner to be an advocate through your next steps. That can be a trusted friend or counselor, like those provided by the Hoke County Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center.

If Needed, File a Police Report.

Call your neighborhood police department, report the abuse, and get the ball rolling on an investigation. It won’t solve the issue, but it’s important (for your own peace of mind and for any future legal proceedings) that the abuse is documented. Get. Those. Receipts.

If Needed, File a Medical Report.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, a rape kit must be completed at your nearby hospital as quickly as possible. Enlist a friend or advocate to come with you.

Get a DVO Protection Order.

If deemed an emergency by the judge, the client will be granted an Ex Parte which will remove the abuser from the home that day. If not considered an emergency, the client will still have a chance to go before the judge on a later court date to see if a protection order will be granted. Typically, protection orders last one year and prohibit the abuser from having any form of contact with the victim.

Advocates at the Hoke County Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center, and other centers that offer support for victims, are trained to help the client complete the paperwork and will accompany the client to the courthouse.

Simply Get Away.

Are you worried that getting courts, cops or hospitals involved will get your abuser in trouble? Do you just want to get out, but are scared you can’t make it on your own?

Advocates at the Hoke County Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center, and other domestic violence centers, will help provide emergency shelter to the victim and find the resources needed to get the victim back on their feet. 

Are you or someone you know experiencing domestic violence? Find out more about the resources at the Hoke County Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center.

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