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From “glampers” and sail boat cabins on the water, to yurts — here are six funky Airbnbs for your next weekend getaway.

1. That 70s Camper: Winston Salem, N.C.

This 1973 camper is located on a “Tiny Farm” in Winston Salem and was renovated in 2020. Stay in this vintage beaut for $75 per night. See the rest.

Also on the tiny farm:

2. The Glam Bus: Wake Forest, N.C.

This RV takes glamping to the next level. Rent this fun little party bus for a bachelorette party, wedding weekend or anything else. They’ll take it anywhere in a five hour radius. Price: $94 per night. See more photos.

3. Mel’s Mansion: Charlotte, N.C.

For $75 per night, you can get cozy in this tiny house located four miles from Uptown Charlotte. There’s not much room to move around this cute little guy, so we recommend not traveling with a loud chewer. Check out the rest.

4. Cabin in the Sea: Carolina Beach, N.C.

Legend has it that if you stay a few nights in this sailboat cabin at a Carolina Beach marina, you’re deemed worthy of that Salt Life sticker on the back of your car. The cost is $133 per night. Take a look around.

5. Yurt on the Blue Ridge Parkway: Fancy Gap, V.A.

Yes, we said yurt. Take a weekend getaway like you’ve truly never taken before at this fancy yurt in Fancy Gap, Virginia. We looked it up, and Fancy Gap is a little over 2.5 hours from the Pines. Channel your inner ~fReE sPiRiT~ here for $110 per night. *Permeating scent of patchouli at no extra charge. See-yurt for yourself.

6. Cozy School Bus: Shelby, N.C.

Channel that big Ms. Frizzle energy and stay in this school bus for $50 per night. Located in the Foothills of North Carolina, Shelby is close to great hiking spots, breweries and shopping. But, honestly, why would you leave this gem? Beep beep, let’s go.

Bonus Item: The Symphony House: Pinehurst

If you have $800 per night to spend on a staycation at this renovated 1930s Pinehurst home, please take us with you. Please. Swooooon over it.

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