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Birch, Please

You already know we have another list to help you out. When it comes to taking down decorations, we’re as slow as rings forming on a tree. But for those ready to dispose of their Christmas pine, we have a #SwaySix to treetop ya off: 

1. Spruce up your garden: We all have wood chippers lying around, right? If you do, chip the branches and put them in your garden to use as mulch. You can also put the chips into a compost bin. 
2. Donate it to an animal sanctuary / zoo: Carolina Tiger Rescue will use trees as tiger toys and Aloha Safari Park will use them in their habitats. Animals love to get festive, too. 
3Branch Out Your Crafting: If you casually have woodworking tools at home, cut up pieces of the trunk to use as coasters or next year’s ornaments.
4. Reduce Waste: Grinding of the Greens is a 30 year-old program in Fayetteville, where you can drop off your tree and they will recycle it for you, helping to keep tons of recyclable material out of landfills. 
5. Have Some Chemis-tree With Local Fish: Putting Christmas trees into ponds and lakes is a thing. Fish use them as a feeding and refuge area. But don’t dump your tree just anywhere. Seeing someone dump a large thing into a random body of water? Sus. There’s a spot in Seven Lakes that will recycle trees in Lake Auman for Seven Lakes West residents. 
6. Give It To Your Fir-y Friends: Ask a local farm if you can give your tree to their goats and sheep. The nutrients in Christmas trees can be beneficial to some backyard besties. Be sure to ask first, don’t go out on a limb.

:: Have another way to give your tree an honorable end? Let us know at hello@itsthesway.com.

*Pinehurst residents can place undecorated trees (yes, even tinsel) curbside for pick up on Wednesdays Jan. 3-31, no later than 7 a.m. You’re welcome.

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