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Have a Glassy Meal

When food and drink become art, that’s where Meg Church’s passion lies. Meg is a chef who specializes in meals inspired by French and Italian cuisine. She’s partnering with The Village Wine Shop Aberdeen to serve pop-up dinners and brunches. You may also know her as Pinehurst Private Chef, where she’ll cook for smaller private parties. “This is what I’m meant to do,” says Meg. “Food is something that connects people.”

Originally from Poland, Meg lived and cooked in multiple areas of Europe before moving to Aberdeen. Though she never anticipated doing something like this collab, it fell into place after her husband saw The Village Wine Shop Aberdeen in none other than The Sway.

“He knows what I like and brought me here, and I thought it would be fun to bring food into the shop,” says Meg. Since then, she says, it’s all been “very natural.” Meg curates a menu and wine shop owner Mary Schlaff picks the wines.

The events are restricted to around 20 people so Meg can interact with each table after the meal. Similar to a French kitchen, she wants people to take their time and really have a quality experience. “I think it’s important to connect with people,” she says.

The food is made and prepared off site in a commissary kitchen and everything, down to the bread, is made fresh then brought in for final touches before an event. You can keep an eye out for wine baskets with fresh baguettes and marinated olives, as well as lunches coming soon on a trial basis. See upcoming events like Italian Night or St. Patrick’s Day Brunch here.

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