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Nice to meet you, come on down. I could show you incredible things. Bugs, moisture, floorboards, mold, see it there and you’ll think “oh my God, look at this space. DIY is a mistake.” Love might be a game but the foundation of your home is not, so call the pros at Crawlspace Medic

What is a Crawlspace, Anyway?

It’s the space under your home — a weird purgatory between your floor and the ground. You likely have some pipes, duct work and wiring under there. A crawlspace provides a convenient access point for anyone who has to access your home’s systems, because your plumber would rather make friends with a spider or five than tear out a wall. It also allows air to circulate under your home. Depending on who owned the home last, it’s also a great space for old relics like coke bottles, creepy toys and old pants. Don’t ask us why.

What Could Go Wrong?

Did you know over half of the air your breathe on the first floor of your home comes from your crawlspace? If yours has a high level of moisture, it could be a breeding ground for mold or mildew. Those spores could be traveling through your air vents. Did you just throw up in your mouth a little? Wait, there’s more. Moisture-rich spaces also attract termites, which make their way through a floor joist faster than your toddler makes her way through a carton of Goldfish crackers.

“Our hot, humid North Carolina weather can leave to fungal growth, with leads to musty smells and slipping or separating floorboards,” says company service manager Katie Tate. “If you have HVAC in your crawlspace, it creates condensation. It’s a really wet environment — combined with the humidity that is coming in, water damage is very common.”

How Do I Know What’s Going on Under There?

Call Crawlspace Medic and ask for a free inspection. They’ll crawl around with the spiders so you don’t have to, and provide you with photo evidence of any issues they find. Their team can fix any structural issues they find due to dry rot, termite or water damage. They can also correct any weird DIY post pier and framing repairs that were totally done by the person who lived there before. That one brick that’s shoved in between the top of a column and a floor joist? You totally didn’t do that.

“We are solutions based, not systems based,” Katie says. “We don’t just focus on one system, we install the most important thing to get you the solution you need.”

Crawlspace Medic provides full encapsulation, which seals the crawlspace from outside moisture and keeps the temperature in your crawlspace closer to that in your home. Your floors will be warmer in the winter, and your HVAC won’t have to work as hard in our hot summers. Plus, just look at how satisfying this is.

So fresh and so clean, clean

Crawlspace Medic also offers crawlspace dehumidifiers, which will make sure your new clean, blank crawlspace stays dry in all seasons.

Will I Have to Call Anyone Else?

Crawlspace Medic can supply and install everything from sump pumps to vapor barriers, interior French drains, and more. The Sandhills team is led by Market Manager Dan Thomas, a lifelong Pinehurst resident who takes pride in the company’s local reputation. If they can’t fix it (which they can), they’ll find someone who will (but they won’t need to).

How Do I Get Started?

Visit CrawlSpaceMedic.com to book your free inspection, or call 910-673-8559. When it comes to crawlspaces, no job is too big or too small (the company can even install dryer vents) and you should get an appointment in a week or less.

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