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A team from the Rockingham organization Pee Dee Region Paranormal is hunting for literal ghosts at what’s left of an old brick jailhouse in Carthage. The group is filming its findings for a documentary. Town manager Emily Yopp says it could help generate interest in the building, which is currently “falling apart.” It’s over a century old, and details about its history are scarce.

Ghost hunter Brian Horton said the team felt some “residual energy” while they were there, and even heard a female voice say “help” — which is enough to send us running. “We did a group meditation and felt some movement around us,” says Brian. “We just have to go back and see what other info we can gather.”

“It’s on our to-do list to fix it up and make it a point of interest because it has history, but it is also a blighted property that brings down the general area,” Emily says. “We’ve got plans for it and if it’s haunted, that could open up a whole other world of ideas.” 

“Sometimes you find things you just can’t explain,” says Brian.  

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