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Here’s a look at area places to get scared (or scarred) this month. You know, other than the costume aisle at Walmart. Or any other aisle.

Barn Escape Moore County: This Aberdeen business isn’t technically a haunt, but we think being locked in a barn beside a two-lane highway qualifies. This weekend, try your luck at the Halloween-themed “Dr. Frankenstein’s Laboratory.” And don’t let the website scare you away. Info.

Southern Pines Escape: It’s Christmas, and you’ve found yourself locked inside the sketchiest house on the block — with a roommate who’s not very “lively.” You’ve got an hour to get out or face the same fate. Info.

Cape Fear Botanical Garden: Get in costume and wander through gardens aglow with lights and pumpkins. There’s no popup scares here, but the hot glue in the craft station is, uh, really hot. Info.

Broken Plow Farm: Get a 30-minute hay ride through a farm full of Halloween displays and light shows. Info.

Railhouse Brewery: Create your own Calavara skull mask to the tune of Flamenco guitar for the Day of the Dead. Try the street corn at your own risk. Info.

Sunrise Theater: Watch Night of the Living Dead on Oct. 26, set to a live performance of the score. Info.

Town of Southern Pines: Let your kids Trick-or-Treat at downtown businesses. Info.

Aberdeen Fear Factory: You may scream, you may laugh. Depends on your tolerance level. Either way, the ride in the hearse will make you realize how important it is to pick the right funeral home. Info.

Sycamore Lodge Haunted Forest: Volunteers put on this local show each year, with 100 percent of profits donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. At $12, it’s probably the cheapest haunt you’ll find. Info.

Kersey Valley Spookywoods: Cute name, serious scares. There’s a reason why this Archdale place is voted the state’s No. 1 haunted attraction. If you’re into real fear, try the zipline tour or high ropes course. It’s about an hour away. Info.

Devil’s Playground: This walk-through attraction, which has relocated this year from Linden to Lillington, promises to “make it personal.” See if they can deliver.

Clayton Fear Farm: If the words “fear” and “farm” aren’t scary enough, consider that one of the attractions is a slaughterhouse. Yeah. 

Woods of Terror: Were you scarred by Twisty the Clown? This Greensboro “Haunted Thill Park” probably isn’t for you. Info.

31 Nights of Halloween: Hocus Pocus starts off a month of movies on cable TV. Followed by 62 nights of Christmas.

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