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Ah, Thanksgiving. You’re catching up with friends and family, and catching nasty germs to make the next week of your life completely miserable. Below, our tips to stop the cycle:

1. Wash your hands, and make hand sanitizer your new accessory. Wipe down surfaces with cleaning wipes. Bring your own snacks to the airport to avoid a checkout counter staffed by the Mucus Man himself.

2. Keep your lips hydrated. Just one tiny crack in your kisser is all infection needs to move in.

3. Make sure you have your shots. Flu, pertussis and pneumonia vaccines are most important right now. The flu vaccine takes 10-14 days to work, so there’s still hope for Christmas.

4. Fortify yourself. A once-daily saline nasal spray can help prevent infections, and a multivitamin may help boost your immune system.

5. Stay hydrated. But beware of suspicious ice in that party cooler — and Solo cup double-dippers.

6. Practice self care. Exercise, a healthy diet and good sleep habits can help prevent illness, before you travel and during. Put in the effort your body will reward you by not leaving you bedridden when you get home.

If your best efforts fail, get on the mend quick with a trip to FirstHealth Convenient Care.


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