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If you need someone to manage your property and make sure your tenants’ needs are taken care of, then you need Jaime Helvig at MCL Property Management. Here are a few reasons why:

1. She Knows How it Feels Like to be Victimized by a Bad Property Manager.

Jaime purchased her first home in 2009. Two years later, she hired a property manager to look after her investment. The Company That Shall Not Be Named did such a bad job that Jaime vowed to become a property manager her own damn self.

She started her career with MCL Property Management in 2017, where she takes care of the homes of her friends and neighbors as if they were her own — in Moore County and the surrounding areas.

“I work hard to give homeowners peace of mind,” she says. “I have built strong relationships with my homeowners and feel as though they trust that I am taking care of their property.”  

2. She Eats Problems for Breakfast.

Why is there not a catapult to launch last-minute mergers out of The Traffic Circle? Because Jaime doesn’t work for the DOT. This property manager has tackled every issue that’s ever crossed her desk at MCL Property Management, and is hungry for more. There’s nothing that makes her happier than marking items off her to-do list — except for making sure your investment property is bringing you the maximum amount of monthly income.

“I enjoy trouble-shooting and making good decisions that benefit my tenants and homeowners,” she says. “Positive feedback from both makes my job fulfilling.”

3. She’s a Great Communicator.

Unlike your ex, Jaime won’t leave you on read. “Communication is key.” she says. “Unless I am out of the office meeting with new homeowners at their properties, I am in front of my computer answering emails, taking phone calls, scheduling inspections, or meeting with new tenants.”

The only phone call she doesn’t like to make? The one to a homeowner who needs to authorize the replacement of a major appliance. “As a landlord myself, those were my most dreaded phone calls.”

4. She’s a Busy Mom.

Spending time with her daughter, Ava, is Jaime’s No.1 priority. What does this have to do with managing your property? Jaime knows your family is important, too — and her work on your behalf makes sure you have more time to spend with them.

5. She Literally Never Stops Moving.

When she’s not scheduling showings and inspections or solving problems for tenants and homeowners, Jaime is diving into hobbies like cooking and and golf. A longtime avid runner, she had reconstructive knee surgery just one year ago and could probably still outpace you. She’d definitely run laps around your old property manager.

6. She’s Involved with Her Community.

Who else is encouraging women to take up golf by hitting the course with Fore the Ladies? Who else is partnering with local animal rescue organizations? And, who would turn a car into an automoobile just to participate in a community contest? Jaime Helvig would. While wearing heels. Vote for her here.

To learn more about Jaime Helvig and MCL Property Management, visit https://www.mclpropertymanagementnc.com/

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