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TThe owners of Thai Orchid in Aberdeen are bringing a new quick-service restaurant to downtown Southern Pines in the former home of The Block. Called BuSaBa, it will be a Japanese-Thai fusion concept.

You won’t find sushi but you’ll find rice dishes, duck ramen, udon and Japanese curries, all with Thai influence. “Thai food uses more herbs so we like to mix them together,” says co-owner Kiki Jutangka. You’ll also be able to get Boba and matcha flavored cheesecake.

Kiki said she still considers Thai Orchid to be her family’s restaurant, even though she and her husband, Tao, have taken it over. BuSaBa was thought up entirely by her and Tao, making it special to her. “We wanted to do something different,” says Kiki. The space is still under renovation, but could be open as early as May. 

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