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The Leadmine is closing its doors in downtown Southern Pines’ Belvedere Plaza for good. Owner Orlando Jinzo had previously said the restaurant was taking a break at least until the end of January, but this week said the lease on the space would not be renewed. He did say the restaurant could re-open in another spot in the future. 

“The location was not designed as a restaurant, especially not one that does the kind of volume that the Leadmine does,” he said. “That was part of its appeal in the beginning, but it’s not a great fit for the longterm plan.”

The space that houses the Leadmine was previously home to Rhett’s Restaurant.

Orlando is also an owner of Yellowbird Southern Table and Bar, which has also been on hiatus this month. He said plans to reopen that restaurant are in the works.

As previously reported in The Sway, reports of payroll issues at both restaurants began circulating on social media in December, with employees saying they had not received payment for weeks. Other posts said ABC permits had been revoked for both restaurants. At the same time, both restaurants abruptly closed. 

Orlando said in December that payroll had been delayed.

Erin Wilson, a spokesperson for the N.C. Department of Labor, told The Sway on Jan. 11 that no payroll complaints had been filed against either restaurant. On the same day, a spokesperson for the N.C. ABC Board told The Sway that alcohol licenses for Leadmine and YellowBird were in good standing.

In February, Orlando said payroll issues had been resolved, and his employees had received payment. Comments on social media continued to allege poor communication with former staff, and that payment had not been received.

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