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We figured Moore County needed a Groundhog Day forecast of its own but alas we could not get our hands on a groundhog. So we present to you, the next best thing — ground … hogs.

We made two signs, one for spring and one for six more weeks of winter, and unleashed the piglets. The majority immediately ran to the “spring is coming” sign. One ran to the “six more weeks of winter” sign and immediately ate it.

We’re choosing to take this as a “spring is on its way” prediction.

About Our Ground Hogs

These piglets are from Slow Farm, located in Cameron. Slow Farm is interested in regenerative farming in the Sandhills, rebuilding soil from the microbes up.

Slow Farm is on land that was used for tobacco farming for over a hundred years. Because of this, the top soil was wrecked. All of the hundred plus animals on the farm now serve a purpose in restoring that topsoil. Yes, even the pigs.

Unlike regular pigs, this breed doesn’t root up the soil, something pigs are famous for. These are KuneKune (pronounced “Kooney Kooney”) pigs. KuneKune pigs are known for their short snouts, hairy coats and habit of grazing on grass, making them very eco-friendly.

Fun fact: KuneKune pigs are the breed featured in the Disney movie Moana.

Slow Farm owner Rachel Herrick is passionate about ecology and raising awareness about sustainable farming. If you’re interested in learning more or touring the farm, visit Slow Farm’s website.

P.S.: If you know where we can find a groundhog for next year, holla at us at hello@itsthesway.com

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