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Whether your plug is a co-worker’s daughter, the neighbor kid you see exactly once a year or that Daisy who gives you Puss In Boots eyes outside the local Walmart, you likely have a full pantry of Girl Scout cookies by now. Especially since those darn kids demolished your foolproof excuse by accepting cards. 

If you’ve been suckered into three too many boxes, here are some pairing suggestions to keep them tasting fresh. 

  • Caramel deLites + Combat Honey (Hatchet Brewing): If flavors of coconut and warm caramel don’t teleport you to some beach, somewhere, a pintful of honey will at least help the 4 p.m. Friday meeting go down. 
  • Raspberry Rally + Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rose (Triangle Wine): Because if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this online-only cookie, you’ll already be drunk. With power.
  • Toast-Yay! + Salted Caramel Macchiato Breakfast Stout (SPBC): Thesefrench toast cookies taste like a lazy Sunday morning. Pair with dose of java so you can have a breakfast of champions any time of day.
  • Peanut Butter Patties + Prayers of Sinners Red Blend (Sandhills Winery): It’s peanut butter jelly time — the adult version. Get your fix with smooth peanut butter, chocolate and notes of blackberry. Dunk them so the glass looks like your jar at home. 
  • Trefoils + Lavender Lemonade (Buggy Town Coffee): Classic cookie, funky purple drank. This OG Girl Scout cookie goes with anything. Snack on something that feels like spring. 
  • Lemonades + Aimery Crémant De Limoux Brut (Wine Cellar):  Hints of lemon zest, apricots and tiny bubbles will pair with the sweetness of this fruit-shaped cookie. Real ones eat the rind first. 
  • Thin Mints + More Thin Mints. Just open your mouth and shovel in a whole sleeve. For extra cronch, let them rest in the freezer first. 

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