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Leather Goods Ruff Around The Edges 

Meet Kevin the weenie dog and his owner Sam Jones, the duo behind Longhound Leather. Sam began the business after a brutally honest friend told him he needed more hobbies. His uncle also had a saddle shop when he was growing up, which he credits as an influence. Longhorn Leather makes rough-cut leather bags, belts, journal covers and more — under the supervision of Kevin, of course.

When Sam first started learning the craft, he didn’t have a workspace so he’d lay the materials out on the floor to work. Kevin, being Kevin, would often sit in the middle of where he was working, so Sam made him the business namesake and mascot.

Sam describes the style as minimalistic rugged. He is self-taught, hand sews and dyes each piece of leather. “I don’t like clean lines,” he says. “Whatever cut of leather I get is what I work with.” 

Sam says he likes to switch it up and tries making new designs often. Clients will send him a picture of something they like and he’ll make it and add their initials. “I like to able to sit somewhere, be still, work and zone out making things. It’s my escape,” says Sam. 

Follow Longhound Leather on Instagram to see what new accessories Kevin is supervising. Orders can be placed via DM. 

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