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Starting a reading goal with no clue what you even like to read? Fret not. We have some recs to kick off the new year and add some pages to that Goodreads account.

For When You Need to Get Your Ish Together

Tiny Habits

If you’ve had the same ambitious New Year’s Resolution to “make this YOUR year,” read this book to save yourself. Manifesting your best life doesn’t have to be elaborate. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to habit forming. Stanford University habit expert BJ Fogg is here to fix you, one little win at a time. Focusing on positive emotions and celebrating every success, instead of holding onto all the baggage that comes with failure, actually increases productivity. Get it for $18.99.

For When You Need a Reminder That Everything Happens For a Reason

The Second Chance Year

Fittingly, this contemporary tale begins on New Year’s Eve. Sadie just finished her worst year ever after losing her job, her boyfriend and her apartment all because she “has a big mouth.” To add to the drama, she ends the year by kissing her brother’s best friend which leaves her with confusing feelings. Before midnight, she makes a wish to have a do-over year but when she wakes up on Jan. 1 of last year, she quickly realizes the consequences of meddling with the past. She has to relive her entire year but with new twists. It reminds that it’s important to stay true to yourself, that romance does exist and that maybe things happen for a reason. Get it for $16.99.

If You’re Juggling a Lot

Yoga Pant Nation

When a book is named after your favorite form of loungewear, you know it’s legit. A mom who is a very busy member of the PTA, training to be a spin class instructor and raising her three children is told she has to raise $10,000 for her son’s 5th grade class. This comedy novel is the third in the “Class Mom” series, but can definitely stand alone if you aren’t ready to commit to four books. Main character Jen thinks she has it all under control, but is quickly humbled. She also likes to send very sarcastic emails — sound familiar? Add to cart for $16.99.

If You Want to Indulge in a Little Delusion


Recommending this book is what happens after you raid your wine aunt’s bookshelves after Christmas dinner. This is a thriller about a young woman who has to uproot her cozy life in a small town after a party guest murders her best friend and steals her identity. The man is a sophisticated con-artist wanted by the FBI. But this guy is also a stage five clinger and follows Morgan to her mother’s house in Vermont because her TikTok password and debit card info weren’t enough. It’s like if one of those thirsty IG accounts begging for style ambassadors that you, of course, blocked felt personally attacked, and committed multiple crimes. What a nightmare. Get the hardcover for $30.

For When You’re Craving Reinvention

Call You When I Land

This is a memoir about travel, mistakes, career changes and imposter syndrome. We respect how Nikki keeps it real on her path to becoming a travel writer, even when she paints herself in an unfavorable light. She calls off her engagement and does a total career change with no plans on how to make it work. The book takes you around the world and takes you into the glamorous and not-so-glamorous parts of travel. It serves as a reminder of how big the world is and that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. Get the paperback for $21.99.

To Start Your Healing Journey

The Body Keeps Score

The body keeps the score of just about any adversity in our lives, especially if we don’t confront it. But this doesn’t have to be a villain origin story. Although the book uses words like neuroplasticity and looks like a book from your early 2000s health class, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, a world famous trauma expert, goes easy on us by breaking down the science and explaining how to heal using various methods. Flip your script. Get the paperback for $19.

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