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Gotsta See It Through

You can’t fail at resolutions if you never make them. But if you do, here are six slightly helpful ways to stay accountable: 

  • Get a Battle Buddy: Get someone to embrace the suck with you, whether that’s going to the gym, staying offline or seeing a project through. Misery loves company. When our third snooze alarm goes off, we’re calling you to make sure your Lululemon-covered assets will also be arriving 5 minutes late to class.
  • Write It Down: There’s nothing like seeing something in writing, or uh, pixels, to daunt you on the daily. 
  • Skip the Anxiety: If working out more is at the top of your list but exercising in front of people makes you want to hurl, hurl yourself into HotWorx instead, where you can work out in a private sauna so you can cry —  we mean sweat — in solitude. If that fails, there’s always YouTube.
  • Get Yourself a Lil Treat: Hey, progress is progress. Share your toddler’s reward chart and take yourself out on the town each month you see your goal through. 
  • Be the Main Character: Say it with us:“I will do the d*mn thing.” Put that laugh track on repeat and make sure to say your daily affirmations out loud, even if you’re only doing it for the plot.
  • Buy a Planner: Find one as aesthetic as possible. When you re-discover it six months into the year maybe, just maybe, you’ll start using it again instead of vowing to be better next year.
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